Why Leasing Your Ice Machine Makes Sense for Your Budget

why lease ice machine instead of buying it

An ice machine is a valuable asset for businesses such as restaurants, bars, cafes, and healthcare facilities. However, owning an ice machine can be expensive. Not only do you spend thousands on the unit itself, but then you have to call a plumber for installation. Additionally, these units require routine maintenance and bi-annual filter changes that further cut into your budget. Not to mention it can take up valuable space in your business.

In the end, one single ice machine could cost your company tens of thousands of dollars within the first five years of ownership. Who wants that?!!

That’s why leasing your ice machine from Office H2O makes practical sense for your budget and business in more ways than one.

Affordable Cost

Leasing your ice machine from Office H2O allows you to enjoy the benefits of your ice machine without having to pay cash for the unit, the plumber, and anything else that comes along with it. No matter what your business needs are, we have several great ice machine options ideal for any setting. When you choose to go with Office H2O, you also get additional features that other companies can’t and don’t offer, including:

  • A Reverse Osmosis System – Removes 98% of all scale, harness, and calcium build-up in ice machines.
  • Bi-Annual Cleanings – Top to Bottom Inspection of the equipment.
  • Full Warranty – We provide a warranty for all of our customers to fix and replace the equipment as needed.

It’s not hard to see why leasing your ice machine already makes sense for your budget.

Professional Maintenance

Ice machines require routine maintenance to keep them functioning correctly, reducing the risk of breakdowns. Without proper maintenance, your machine may produce contaminated ice, which can cause serious health hazards. This is especially true for areas with hard water. Hard water requires the use of high-level filtration or purification to provide the best quality of water possible and to keep that ice machine from failing. But, in addition to offering high-level filtration, our team of trained professionals will come out to routinely clean, maintain, and repair your ice machine, ensuring that it runs efficiently and that your ice is always safe for consumption. You may request to get your ice machine serviced anytime.

Energy Efficient Equipment

At Office H2O, we believe in sustainability and reducing energy consumption while increasing production output. Our ice machines are energy efficient and produce high-quality ice while being in line with environmentally friendly standards. With our eco-friendly equipment, you’ll save on energy costs while also contributing to the planet’s health. Not to mention you’ll reduce your waste, further helping us promote a happy, healthy planet!

Quality Service

At Office H2O, we’re committed to providing quality service to all our customers. We understand the importance of having a well-functioning ice machine for your business, and this is why we provide 24/7 customer service support. Our team of professionals is always available to help troubleshoot your machine, perform emergency repairs, or schedule routine maintenance appointments. Furthermore, your designated Office H2O sales rep will check in on you periodically, working with you to make sure your ice machine is producing as promised and still meeting your needs.

All of these benefits are provided for a low monthly price. Picture Office H2O as the “Dollar Shave Club” of the ice machine business.

  • No headaches
  • No hassles
  • One vendor
  • One consistent monthly price

Lease Your Ice & Water Machines from Office H2O

Ice plays a crucial role in your business keeping employees, patrons, guests, and patients hydrated and happy. That’s why you need a reliable unit that can keep up with whatever the day demands. Office H2O is known for great bottleless water and ice coolers. We offer Meridian Series, Hotel Cubers, and Scoop Bin Cuber for offices and businesses across Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin. We’re currently the Midwest’s premier bottleless ice and water cooler dealer. We’re not just a healthy choice; we’re a smart business choice. So, contact us today and get a FREE 7-day trial started on a brand-new ice machine or water cooler today.

hotel style ice cuber in office