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Water & Ice Coolers

Our water and ice coolers boast a sleek and compact design, fitting seamlessly into your office breakroom countertop for ultimate convenience. Providing both hot and ambient water options, along with a unique ice dispenser producing nugget-style chewable ice, our coolers cater to diverse beverage preferences among your staff.

Equipped with a standard multi-stage purification process, our bottleless water coolers ensure a consistently perfect glass of water with every dispense. Our proprietary filter formulations guarantee exceptional water cleanliness, enhancing overall water quality.

  • Dispenses chewable ice, as well as hot and room temperature water

  • LED UV helps keep the water reservoir clean

  • Touch-activated sensor operation for easy cleaning

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our water & ice systems

i12 Water & Ice

Hot, Cold Ambient & Ice


Why Choose Office H2O for Water and Ice Systems?

Choose Office H2O for your water and ice systems and experience unparalleled convenience, quality, and reliability. Our systems are meticulously designed to deliver top-notch performance, ensuring you always have access to refreshing water and ice without the hassle. With customizable options to suit your needs, cost-efficient solutions, and a commitment to health, safety, and environmental responsibility, Office H2O stands out as the premier choice for workplace hydration and cooling. Trust us for exceptional service from installation to ongoing support, and elevate your office experience with Office H2O today.

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Office H2O is the Midwest’s provider of state-of-the-art bottleless water coolers and commercial ice systems. We’re committed to bringing good, clean, healthy water to employees everywhere!

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