Don’t take our word for it.

See the difference in Office H2O’s bottleless water coolers for yourself.

who is office h20?

A Local Team Committed to Good, Clean, Healthy Water

Office H2O is the Midwest’s provider of state-of-the-art bottleless water coolers and commecial ice systems. We’re committed to bringing good, clean, healthy water to employees everywhere!

how does it work?

Bottleless Water Cooler Installation

We often get asked does the bottleless water system have to be near a water source. Well, it’s easy we can install our systems virtually anywhere!

Better water on demand

The better alternative to healthier water!

Bottle-less coolers eliminate plastic bottles, along with all of their problems by using the latest water filtration and purification technologies. By going Bottle-less, we can reduce the amount of carbon emissions entering our atmosphere…and while making our planet greener; you’ll save some other valuable green as well. Watch the video to learn more about our purification process and why bottle-less water systems is the way to go!

What is Service University?

We’re Committed all the way for Clean Water

Office H2O is committed to service. We train our employees with not only top-notch installation skills, but leadership too! And it all starts with Service University.