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Office H2O is the premier supplier in the Midwest of cutting-edge bottleless water coolers and state-of-the-art commercial ice systems. Our unwavering dedication is to deliver pure, clean, and healthy water to employees in every office. We specialize in providing bottleless water dispensers for offices, ensuring a convenient and eco-friendly hydration solution for your workplace.

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who is office h2o, you ask?

we are a local team committed to Good Clean, Healthy Water

Office H2O is a family-owned and operated business serving Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and Ohio. Austin Veach founded the company in 2015, and since then his brothers and additional family members have joined him in building the company. The Veach family first got involved in the office water business in 2005 when Austin’s father, Richard Veach, launched what quickly became one of the largest bottleless water cooler companies in the US. The Veach family has nearly two decades of experience in providing quality bottleless water and ice products with local customer service.

Today, Office H2O is one of the largest privately-owned bottleless water cooler providers in the Midwest. Our focus is to bring Health and Wellness to every business that believes their employees deserve the best quality drinking water and germ and virus-free surfaces and air.

Our state-of-the-art products provide Nine-Stages of filtration and purification that results in pH balanced water for the whole office to enjoy!

refresh with our Water Systems

A Glimpse into Hydration Technology

m series 3000

Hot, Cold & Ambient

m series 4000

Hot, Cold & Ambient

W7 Water

Hot, & Cold

W9 Water

Hot & Cold

W9CT Water

Hot & Cold

s series

Hot & Cold

Let’s help mother earth by going bottleless!

Join us on this incredible journey of creating a healthier planet, one plastic jug at a time. Together, we’ll make a splash and leave a positive impact on Mother Earth by reducing carbon emissions, plastic waste, and harmful toxins. Oh! And we’ll keep the office hydrated, happy, and healthy along the way.

If you’re prepared to embrace this transformation and bid farewell to those 5-gallon jugs, Office H2O is eager to connect with you! Both our planet and your wallet will be grateful for your decision.

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Going bottleless means slashing your company’s carbon footprint. Every installation eliminates delivery stops, reduces plastic, and improves the environment, all without wasting the most precious resource we have – Drinking water!

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Improves Ecosystems

Plastic is the number one polluter of lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans. By cutting out your company’s dependency on plastic jugs and bottles, you improve the ecosystems in all these areas, including those right in your own backyard.

reusable water bottle and glass

No More Plastic

Each of our bottleless water coolers has the potential to help you eliminate more than 6,000 plastic water bottles from circulation each year. That includes those 5-gallon water jugs. And fewer plastic bottles is all around better for Mother Earth.

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Protects Resources

By protecting Mother Earth, you’re protecting natural resources. Our freshwater is limited on this planet, so it’s about time we start taking its care and purity seriously. By going bottleless, you protect your immediate access to drinking water, as well as the freshwater still available round the globe.

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