Why Customers Appreciate Clean Drinking Water

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In the business world, one of the most important things that can make or break your success is customer service. And by customer service, we don’t just mean acting politely towards your customers or answering every query they have. Customer service also includes many other factors in your physical spot that doesn’t involve direct human interaction. One of those things is having clean drinking water and ice ready for your customers.

It may seem like an insignificant thing, however, it’s one part of your customer service that can greatly help your customers appreciate you more. Below, Office H2O explores why customers would appreciate having access to clean drinking water in the business establishments they frequent.

Water Is a Basic Human Right

Water is a basic human right. And access to it shouldn’t be limited to people’s homes or communal spaces. People should be able to access it in the majority of establishments they frequent, especially businesses.

This is especially true for seasons like summer when people are always looking to hydrate themselves because of the heat. If your business has cool drinking water readily available for your customers to consume as they wait, they’ll surely be thankful and delighted.

Increase in Team Morale

Whether it’s obvious or not, your team’s morale directly affects the customer service they provide. If team morale is high, you can expect excellent customer service. Your employees might even go beyond what is expected of them. However, when team morale is low, they might not perform as best. They might not even find the energy to give more than the bare minimum to your customers.

One thing that affects team morale is access to clean drinking water. When your team has all the basic resources they need to perform at their best throughout the day, you can expect team morale to be good. However, when your business is lacking these essentials, your team may not feel taken care of. And they might not do the same to your customers.

So, keeping your team morale up by providing them with basic necessities like clean drinking water will also help your customers appreciate your business more.

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Improved Company Image

When you go above and beyond for customers, it shows, and they appreciate it. Having access to clean, fresh drinking water in your lobby or waiting room shows your customers that you care. This then trickles into your overall company image and reputation. If they’re satisfaction is your top priority, then serving them the cleanest, freshest water on the market should be your number one goal.

Reducing Your Business’ Environmental Impact

Customers love eco-friendly businesses. It means that you care beyond simply the profits and also about the world and people around you. It also means that a portion of the money that they’re spending on your business doesn’t just end with you. It also goes towards something beneficial for the community.

This is especially true if your business is using a drinking water system rather than bottled water or disposable filters. Since you’ll be getting your water straight from the tap, you’re saving on plastic waste from disposable solutions. Having these systems will also help you reduce the emissions associated with water delivery.

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Providing Accessible Clean Water and Sanitation

In line with the United Nations’ 15-year agenda to support people, the planet, and prosperity is to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. And this can’t be achieved without the help of the private sector. Businesses are not exempt from this cause. In fact, they actually play a vital role in fulfilling it and creating more market opportunities in line with it.

The first step that businesses are expected to take is to work on water stewardship in their operations. This means providing access to clean drinking water to both their employees and their customers.

Maintaining this responsibility means that you are doing your business ethically and in the best interest of your customers. And while it might not always be an obvious fact, it’s one thing that customers will surely appreciate.

Provide Clean Drinking Water to Your Customers with OfficeH2O

Providing access to clean drinking water to your customers is not just a luxury but a necessity. It serves both customer satisfaction and business success. At OfficeH2O, we are committed to providing our customers with safe and clean drinking water.

Our products include bottleless water and ice coolers, commercial ice machines, and under-the-counter purification. With our reliable service and quality products, you can be sure that your business is providing clean and safe drinking water to both your employees and customers. Contact us today and let’s talk about getting you set up with a FREE 7-day trial!