7 Signs Your Company Needs to Go Bottleless

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If you are considering switching from bottled water to a bottleless water cooler for your business, there are signs that it may be time to make the switch. Switching to a bottleless system from Office H2O is a great way for a company to reduce its environmental footprint and ensure they meet employee hydration needs without breaking the bank.

Current Bottled Water Situation

The current bottled water situation is one of overconsumption and waste. With single-use plastic bottles becoming increasingly popular, plastic waste from these products has risen dramatically in recent years. This waste affects our planet’s overall health and burdens businesses financially when they rely on bottled water to hydrate employees. It is vital to know the negative impacts of your choices while considering if your business could benefit from switching to a bottleless water solution.

Cost of Plastic Water Bottles

Bottled water prices continue to rise, with the average cost of a single-serve bottle ranging from $1 to $5, depending on the size and brand. Due to the inefficiency of delivering bottled water, there are often associated costs such as fuel charges, delivery fees, and even storage fees that add up over time. These increasing costs can quickly add up for an organization that relies heavily on bottled water for its hydration needs.

Environmental Impact of Bottled Water

Companies that rely heavily on bottled water for their hydration needs can cause immense environmental damage if they are not careful. Bottled water production and transportation require energy and resources that strain our environment. With the increasing environmental concerns associated with bottled water, it is vital to consider the impacts of using plastic bottles. Single-use bottle disposal creates non-biodegradable waste that accumulates in landfills or is left to float in our oceans.Not really a good look for companies wanting to make a positive impact and move towards more eco-friendly practices.

Inconvenience of Bottled Water Delivery

The time and effort required to coordinate deliveries, store bottles, and keep track of inventories can be a hassle for busy organizations. Businesses with multiple locations may require different types of water or need frequent shipments. The added burden can take away from urgent tasks. Not to mention these items take up precious storage space. And if you’re using those 5-gallon jugs – Well, they’re heavy and can injure your employees.

Seven Signs That it is Time to Go Bottleless

If your company is experiencing any of the issues discussed above, it may be time to consider switching to a bottleless water and ice cooler from Office H2O. A bottleless system eliminates the need for ordering and storing bottled water or jugs. Therefore, saving you time, money, and resources! Our units are more cost-effective and produce far less waste than your other means of hydration. But that’s just one reason to make the switch – Here are seven others:

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1. The Company is Spending Too Much on Bottled Water

The upfront costs of installing a bottleless system may seem high initially, but these costs can give long-term savings from not having to purchase cases of bottled water. The convenience and quality of a bottleless system make them a fantastic solution for many businesses.

2. You’re Not Getting the Healthiest Drinking Options From Your Current System

Bottled water isn’t as regulated or tested for impurities and contaminants as other beverages, which may lead to employee health risks. Plus, how can acutally be certain that water inside the bottle or jug is filtered properly and is safe to drink? You can’t. But with an Office H2O system, you know exactly what filtration stages every molecule goes through, because we tell you. And it’s right there inside the machine, so you can see for yourself.

3. Space Limitations

If you don’t have enough space in your business for bulky cases of bottled water and the associated storage racks, then going bottleless is definitely an option to consider. Not only will this help free up space for other things, but it also helps to reduce clutter which can improve productivity in the workplace. We even have countertop options, giving you even more versatility and placement flexibility.

4. Your Employees Want Options

One of the most obvious signs you need to make the switch to a bottleless water cooler is the fact that your employees are asking for options. Bottled water and other jug coolers can’t provide you with hot, ambient, or even sparkling water. And they certainly don’t produce ice like ours do. But with all of these options in one place, you can give the people what they want – More beverage options without added costs.

5. You Need to Improve Employee Wellness

Employee health and wellness starts with where they work. And if you’re providing mediocre hydration options, then you could be playing a major factor in overall wellness in the office. Employees who aren’t well-hydrated often complain of headaches, aren’t active or upbeat, and might even have other underlying health issues. So, if you want to keep people in your organization happy and healthy, give them pure, clean drinking water. It’s that simple.

6. Difficulty Maintaining a Consistent Supply of Clean and Fresh-Tasting Water

Bottled water may seem convenient, but it can be expensive and inconsistent in quality. The cost of bottled water can add up quickly, and it is not always easy to know whether you are getting the highest quality drinking options. Switching to a bottleless system can help ensure that employees get clean and fresh-tasting water consistently. Bottleless systems feature high-tech filtration technology that eliminates impurities while providing delicious-tasting drinking water for everyone in the office.

7. You Desire More Modern Amenities

Most people have some sort of water filtration at home. So why not give it to them at the office as well? If your company is lacking in modern amenities, take it as a sign that you’re due for an upgrade. And there’s no better place to start than with a bottleless water and ice cooler. Giving your customers, guests, and employees modern comforts not only showcases your concern for the environment, but it also showcases a higher level of support and care on your part.

Reap All the Benefits of Bottleless Water Services from Office H2O

With Office H2O you can reap all these benefits and more when you switch to one of our bottleless water and ice coolers. Our wide range of units makes it easy for your business to go from traditional bottled water to a more sustainable, cost-effective, and healthier option. From providing high-quality bottleless coolers and filters to routine maintenance and installation services, Office H2O has you covered.

Furthermore, out team of experienced professionals will be there every step of the way to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Ultimately, Office H2O is the perfect partner for anyone looking to make the switch and go bottleless. Give us a call today to get a FREE 7-day trial started!

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