Why You Should Throw Away Those Ice Trays

plastic ice tray

Ice becomes a necessity in almost every workplace to preserve and chill drinks. Traditionally, employees use plastic ice trays, which generally work fine, but also have their hazards. These trays need cleaning every day, and everyone in the workspace has to put in effort to maintain them. So, when someone in the office fails to do their part, everyone is without ice. This not only creates frustrating situations, but it can really limit employee hydration. So, we think it’s time for companies to stop investing in plastic ice trays and look into alternatives that are more hygienic and efficient. And Office H2O will gladly explain why you should switch to using a commercial ice machine.

The Filthy Reality of Ice Trays

Plastic ice trays are seldom cleaned as frequently as they should be, resulting in the accumulation of germs and floaties. If you have ever opened an old ice tray to realize that your frozen water is not perfectly clear, you might be drinking your colleagues’ contaminated ice. Mold, bacteria, and dirt can accumulate in these trays. Ice trays also pose a risk of spillage, and they occupy too much space when we need to store other essential office stuff.
Beyond cleanliness issues, plastic ice trays become a problematic touchpoint within a bustling office environment. Every time someone refills or twists a tray to release ice, they inadvertently add to its germ load, spreading bacteria from their hands. During flu season or in the midst of a viral pandemic, these trays could contribute significantly to workplace illness, transferring germs from person to person with each ice retrieval. With employee health being a top priority, reducing these communal contact points by adopting a hands-free ice dispensing solution is a sensible and progressive move for businesses.

The Downside of Refrigerator Ice Makers

While refrigerator ice makers might seem like a step up from traditional ice trays, they come with their own set of complications. For one, these units require regular filter changes to ensure the ice remains uncontaminated—a task that is often overlooked in the office setting. Neglecting this critical maintenance can lead to ice that’s just as dirty, if not dirtier, than what you’d get from an old-fashioned ice tray.

Another frequent issue with refrigerator ice makers is their susceptibility to becoming jammed. This is a common frustration that can bring a swift halt to the availability of ice, especially when you’re in need of a quick cool down for your beverage. Jams are often caused by clumping or the accidental freezing of stray items in the mechanism, resulting in a time-consuming and sometimes complicated de-jamming process. The inconvenience is exacerbated in an office environment, where the responsibility to fix such issues is unclear, leading to further disruptions and disgruntled employees.

Commercial Ice Machines

Commercial ice machine rentals from Office H2o are the ideal solution for most workplaces. These machines take up minimal space, they’re easy to clean, and they create ice without floating debris and germs. The ice produced by our commercial ice machines is also crunchy and made of filtered water, so it’s extra hygienic and refreshing. Additionally, employees don’t have to manage the ice machine every day, and they get refreshing cubes all day long. The hands-free dispensing feature of our commercial ice machines also drastically reduces the risk of cross-contamination.
Investing in a commercial ice machine not only ensures a clean and efficient way to provide cold drinks for your employees, but it also saves time and money. With no daily maintenance required, employees can focus on more important tasks, and businesses can save on the costs associated with the upkeep of an in-house ice machine.

Economic Efficiency

Storing large quantities of ice trays can be more expensive than having a commercial ice machine installed. The unit cost of ice is also relatively more expensive when purchased in retail stores. By renting your commercial ice machine, you can save your organization money in the long run, as it’s an investment that gives back enough return on investment when used for extended periods. Moreover, we offer commercial ice machines in different sizes and widths, and it’s easy to get one that fits well with your space and ice usage needs.

Clean Ice Contributes to Business Success

Ensuring that employees are well-hydrated is not just about health—it’s also a matter of productivity. Proper hydration can lead to improved cognitive function, better concentration, and heightened energy levels, all of which contribute to a more successful business. When Office H2O’s commercial ice machines are installed, they provide an endless supply of clean, fresh ice, encouraging employees to consume more water throughout the day. Not only does this promote a healthier workforce, but it also leaves a positive impression on guests and clients who can enjoy chilled beverages during their visits. Such attention to detail enhances the company’s image and can play a subtle role in cultivating a professional atmosphere that both employees and visitors appreciate.

It’s Time to Ditch Plastic Anything!

Ditching those plastic ice trays, bottles, and jugs is a great way to move your company towards being more eco-friendly. Sustainability goals are increasing each year, and Office H2O is here to help companies across the Midwest reach those goals. So, if you want to move away from plastic ice trays in the office, let’s get you set up with a commercial ice machine. Need something with water? We’ve got those, too! Just contact the Office H2O location nearest you and our team will get you started with a free 7-day trial today!