The Truth About 5-Gallon Water Coolers

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Have you ever stopped to think about the water your employees drink at work? While it may seem like a small detail, the source of drinking water in your workplace can have a significant impact on your employees’ health and well-being. Many businesses in Milwaukee, WI, opt for 5-gallon water coolers, believing them to be a cost-effective and safe solution. However, the truth is that these water coolers can pose a host of risks to your employees. Below, Office H2O delves into the big deal with using 5-gallon water coolers and introduces you to a safer, cleaner, and healthier alternative.

Why the 5-Gallon Jug Seems to be Standard

One of the primary reasons businesses gravitate towards 5-gallon water coolers is their perceived convenience. These large jugs can be delivered directly to the office, saving time and resources that might be spent on individual water purchases. The dispensers also act as a centralized hydration station, maintaining the workplace foot traffic and preventing the clutter that can come from numerous personal bottles.

Additionally, the 5-gallon jug system has been the industry standard for so long because it provides a tangible symbol of workplace wellness. As employee health and hydration have become recognized as crucial for productivity, these coolers serve as a visible commitment from the employer to the employees’ wellbeing. The longevity of this solution in offices can be attributed to its simplicity and the lack of widespread awareness of potential risks and alternative solutions.

5 Problems with 5-Gallon Jugs

While they may seem like the standard for high-quality drinking water in the workplace, 5-gallon jugs harbor plenty of issues that we think all businesses should be aware of:

1. Bacteria Proliferation

One of the biggest concerns with 5-gallon water coolers is the risk of bacterial contamination. Bacteria often thrive in the warm, dark environment of the water cooler, particularly if the water is left stagnant for too long. Employers don’t always manage to clean and sanitize the water cooler on a regular basis, meaning that there’s a chance bacteria could have built up in the water. This could lead to illnesses, such as gastrointestinal issues. The risk of a bacterial outbreak increases even more if multiple people handle the cooler repeatedly throughout the day.

2. Physical Injuries

A 5-gallon water cooler could also pose the risk of physical injury to employees. These water coolers can be heavy and awkward to move around, making it easy for employees to strain or injure themselves while attempting to refill the cooler. Additionally, if the cooler is placed in a high-traffic area, there’s a chance that employees could trip over it and injure themselves or someone else.

3. Environmental Impact

5-gallon water coolers have a high environmental impact due to the high carbon footprint associated with transporting them and the plastic waste generated by their use. After all, the empty 5-gallon water jugs need to be discarded and eventually replaced. On top of that, the heavy jugs often require frequent deliveries, meaning carbon emissions are adding up in the environment.

4. Cost

Many businesses turn to 5-gallon water coolers as a cost-effective solution for providing clean drinking water. But when you consider the costs of purchasing, delivering, and disposing of the water jugs, those costs add up fast. Additionally, in order to maintain quality service, you have to put down additional costs to clean and sanitize the water coolers, which only adds to their running cost.

5. Aesthetics and Office Appearance

Lastly, let’s talk about the aesthetic impact; 5-gallon water coolers can often be an eyesore in a well-designed office space. The imposing size and utilitarian design of these jugs can disrupt the visual harmony and professional appeal of the workplace. Clunky and cumbersome, they detract from a streamlined office aesthetic that many companies strive for, which can subtly influence both employee morale and the impression made on clients and visitors.

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Bottleless Water Coolers: A Safer, Cleaner, Healthier Alternative

Bottleless water coolers, also known as plumbed-in water coolers, from Office H2O offer a healthier, safer, and more eco-friendly option compared to the 5-gallon coolers. They connect to your business’s water supply, thus providing fresh, clean, and healthy water without any risks posed by water stagnation in 5-gallon water coolers. They also eliminate the environmental waste created by water jugs and delivery trucks, which could mean fewer emissions and less pollution. A bottleless water cooler is a perfect solution for businesses that demand a steady supply of high-quality water without the added risk of bacteria.

The Superiority of Multi-Stage Filtration

For businesses committed to ensuring the highest quality drinking water for their staff, understanding the filtration process is key. Unlike the zero or single-stage filtration found in traditional jug coolers, bottleless water coolers from Office H2O utilize a sophisticated multi-stage filtration system. This process goes far beyond basic sediment and chlorine removal, ensuring every drop of water is not just clean but pure and healthy.

The initial stage typically involves a sediment filter, which eliminates particles such as dust and rust that might come from the building’s pipes. Following this, a pre-carbon filter removes chlorine, chemicals, and odors that affect water taste and quality. Following that is the Reverse Osmosis stage, which further eliminates dissolved solids, arsenic, and pharmaceuticals. Lastly, water passes through our Elevate Mineral Enhancement which balances the pH, adds back essential minerals to increase alkalinity, and polishes every molecule for a clean, crisp taste.

With each stage targeting specific contaminants, businesses can trust that the water from their bottleless cooler is consistently of a higher standard than what a single-stage filter could ever achieve. This attention to quality signifies a deep investment in workplace health and contributes to the greater well-being of both employees and the planet.

Get Your Bottleless Water Cooler Today!

The choice between 5-gallon water coolers and bottleless water coolers is a no-brainer. The latter option provides a smarter choice both for Milwaukee, WI, businesses and their employees since our bottleless water coolers offer a cleaner, safer, healthier, and eco-friendlier way to provide drinking water. Additionally, our units are more cost-effective, as they don’t require frequent deliveries, heavy storage, and or the recycling of large jugs. So, what are you waiting for?

Upgrade your workplace’s water source today and reap the numerous benefits of a bottleless water cooler! Start your free 7-day trial with Office H2O and experience what 600K other people are experiencing every day.

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