Commercial Ice Machines: Should I Buy or Rent?

melting ice cubes near glass and in glass, on white with drops

Unlocking a world of convenience and cost-effectiveness, Office H2O redefines the narrative around ice machines for businesses. Traditionally seen as a pricey investment requiring installation by a plumber and preventative maintenance completed by an HVAC company or mechanical contractor, ice machines are often considered outside the realm of budgetary feasibility. If your business is in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, or Wisconsin, you can avoid the hassles mentioned and a large up-front cost when you rent your ice machine through Office H2O.

With Office H2O, any business can RENT an ice machine for a fixed, easily budgeted, and predictable monthly investment. Office H2O provides a wide range of solutions for offices as small as 10 employees to Fortune 500 clients in need of thousands of pounds of ice per day.

When you rent an ice machine through Office H2O, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the filtration is taken care of through our Commercial Reverse Osmosis System. Office H2O provides purified water to eliminate a staggering 98% of the scale and calcium build-up that can compromise the efficiency of your ice machine over time. Moreover, Office H2O’s comprehensive preventative maintenance plan aligns with manufacturer guidelines, ensuring your business benefits from optimal sanitation annually or bi-annually, tailored to your machine’s make and model.


In a world where technology evolves swiftly, Office H2O provides a strategic advantage. Unlike outright purchases, renting with Office H2O allows your company to upgrade equipment as the technology advances or when your business outgrows your current machine, making sure you are not tethered to an outdated piece of equipment.

Curious about the cost to rent? Office H2O recognizes that every business is unique. The rental investment depends on factors like the number of team members, the size of containers used, and ice style preferences (for example, we offer chewable nugget ice). Remarkably, renting an ice machine can cost as little as $0.22 per day per person. Connect with Office H2O today and explore how renting an ice machine can save you money and elevate your company’s ice machine experience.