How Clean Water Improves Employee Satisfaction

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There’s more to employee satisfaction than comprehensive benefits and attractive salaries. Studies have shown that access to clean drinking water is a significant factor in increasing employee job satisfaction. After all, hydration is essential for the mental and physical well-being of the human body. Yet many workplaces do not prioritize the provision of clean water resources – which can leave employees feeling parched and undervalued as they struggle through long hours at their desks.

Here, Office H2O helps you explore how providing easy access to clean drinking water offers tangible health benefits that go beyond simply meeting basic needs for human health. This includes decreasing stress levels, boosting collaboration among co-workers, and creating greater workplace unity.

Increased Productivity

Clean drinking water not only has various health benefits but also plays a crucial role in improving employee satisfaction and productivity. When employees have a clean drinking water dispenser, like a bottleless water and ice cooler, in the workplace, they can quench their thirst and stay hydrated throughout the day. And being adequately hydrated helps boost their energy levels and aids in mental clarity.

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Improved Health

Being properly hydrated helps maintain your employee’s overall health. And with improved health comes greater energy levels and increased mental and physical performance. This helps them maintain good productivity levels and a better sense of overall job satisfaction. It’s a simple yet crucial step employers can take to support their employee’s well-being.

Reduced Absenteeism

With good employee health also comes reduced absenteeism due to lesser hydration-related illnesses. Research has shown that when clean drinking water is provided in the workplace, employees are less likely to miss work due to illness caused by contaminated water or dehydration.

Improved Morale

By ensuring and encouraging your employees to regularly drink water, you’re signaling that you value their well-being and are committed to maintaining a healthy and supportive workplace. This can result in a more engaged and motivated team, as employees feel more valued and cared for.

Increased Retention

In a world where the workplace environment is evolving, providing clean water to employees has become an important factor in employee satisfaction and retention. It’s a basic human need and making sure that all those bases are covered means that a company cares for their employee’s wellbeing. As a result, employers who prioritize clean water at the office are experiencing higher employee satisfaction levels, increased retention rates, and a healthier bottom line.

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Reduced Health Care Costs

Another benefit of clean water is that it can lead to reduced healthcare costs for businesses. Providing clean water reduces the likelihood of health-related issues. This means that not only is investing in clean water a health-conscious decision, but it’s also a financially sound one. By providing employees with the necessary tools to maintain their health, they are more likely to perform well in the workplace.

Improved Public Image

Finally, another benefit of clean water is that it can improve a business’s public image. When businesses take steps to ensure that their employee’s well-being is their top priority, it shows that they care about their workers and are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment.

A positive public image as a socially responsible company can also result in increased customer loyalty and sales.

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Clean, Refreshing, & Safe Drinking Water by Office H2O

Ultimately, providing clean water isn’t just a good idea; It’s an excellent investment that brings multiple benefits to businesses. As employers strive to create healthier work environments for their staff, understanding the connection between clean water and employee retention should be top of mind. Doing so opens the door to unexpected rewards like increased job satisfaction and job performance, leading to higher morale throughout the organization.

At Office H2O, we are committed to providing our customers with safe and clean drinking water across the Midwest. Our mission is to help businesses keep their employees healthy, energized, and productive by providing them with fresh and purified high-quality water.

To date, we keep more than 600,000 people hydrated and healthy in the workplace, while eliminating thousands of plastic water bottles and jugs from circulation. We’re not only on a mission to help businesses with their drinking water problem, but we’re also helping them with their environmental efforts.

So, your journey to a better drinking water source starts here. Contact us today for a FREE 7-day trial on a new bottleless water cooler for your office or facility.

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