Sparkling Water: A Great Way to Change Up Your Drinking Water

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At Office H2O, we believe in the power of making drinking water as fun and convenient as possible. For many people, drinking sparkling water is a way to make the otherwise chore-like task of drinking enough water more manageable, more flavorful, and more enjoyable. If you enjoy sparkling water and wonder whether or not it’s enough to keep you hydrated, Office H2O is here to explain the benefits of drinking it.

Not too long ago, we published an article explaining why sports drinks are not the healthiest everyday option for staying hydrated. But is sparkling water plagued by the same types of problems? Should you give up drinking sparkling water entirely and make regular water a part of your daily routine? Let’s find out.

Sparkling Water Versus Regular Water

So, what’s the real difference between sparkling water and regular water? It’s really just a matter of the main ingredients in sparkling water. The main ingredients in sparkling water are water and carbon dioxide. Some types of sparkling water, on the other hand, have added flavorings and minerals such as potassium sulfate, sodium chloride, or sodium bicarbonate.

When carbon dioxide dissolves in water, the pH drops, resulting in a slightly acidic beverage. Sparkling water is known for being especially fizzy (much like a soda), which can make it much more appealing than regular water for various people. But is sparkling water as good for you as regular water? Are there any benefits?

The Benefits of Drinking Sparkling Water

As it turns out, there are many verifiable benefits of drinking sparkling water. If you enjoy sparkling water, you’ll be happy to know that sparkling water is just as good for you as regular water. This means that if you’re looking for a way to change up your drinking water, sparkling water is a great alternative to infuse into your daily routine. Let’s discuss just a few of the many benefits of drinking sparkling water.

Sparkling Water is Hydrating

Those who love sparkling water will be pleasantly surprised to hear that sparkling water effectively keeps your body hydrated. Staying hydrated is crucial as the body’s level of hydration impacts everything from skin health to productivity.

One study that investigated the hydrating effect of 13 different drinks (including sparkling water) concluded that sparkling water was just as hydrating as regular water. Beyond that, it was even confirmed that drinks with a higher mineral content tended to be more hydrating. Taking this into consideration, drinking sparkling water is a great way to maximize your daily water intake.

It’s a Great Replacement for Soda

While soda is delicious, there are many adverse health effects that it can cause. One concern in particular is soda’s impact on dental health. Carbonated beverages containing sugar have a solid potential to destroy enamel. Considering this, you may be worried that drinking sparkling water could be just as damaging to your teeth because of the carbonation.

Fortunately, one study found that sparkling mineral water damaged enamel only very slightly more than regular water. Furthermore, sparkling mineral water was a total of 100 times less likely to damage enamel than a sugary soda. If you’re concerned by the negative impact that drinking soda can have on various aspects of your health (including your dental health), drinking sparkling water is an excellent alternative to soda.

It Can Improve Your Ability to Swallow

Various studies suggest that drinking sparkling water may improve the ability to swallow in young and older adults. In one of these studies, 16 healthy people were asked to swallow different liquids repeatedly. Sparkling water showed the most substantial ability to stimulate the nerves that are responsible for swallowing.

Further, in a study of 72 people who felt the need to clear their throats frequently, drinking ice-cold sparkling water led to improvements in a total of 63% of the participants. Those who reported the most frequent and severe symptoms were among those to see the most significant improvements. This is just another example of the many benefits of adding sparkling water to your daily routine.

Increases Feelings of Fullness

Finally, drinking sparkling water may also contribute to feelings of fullness after meals more effectively than drinking regular water. This greater sensation of fullness results from the fact that sparkling water may help food remain in your stomach for longer.

In a study of 19 healthy young women, fullness scores were higher for participants who drank 8 ounces of sparkling water than those who drank regular water. Suppose you’re looking for a way to increase feelings of fullness out of a meal, contributing to a greater possibility of weight loss. In that case, sparkling water might be the answer.

Making Staying Hydrated Easier Since 2015

Here at Office H2O, we have a passion for promoting healthy hydration. As you can tell from the benefits listed in this article, drinking sparkling water is one of many ways to make drinking water and staying hydrated more enjoyable. Another vital part of staying hydrated, however, is convenience. At Office H2O, we’ve made it our mission to offer bottleless water systems that, among their many benefits, make drinking water as convenient as possible.

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