Seven Ways to Conserve Water During the Summer

sprinkler system in yard

Summer is in full swing and, with the average household consuming double the amount of water during the summer season, you may be wondering how you can conserve water. Regardless of whether you are trying to stay cool, wash your car, or water your lawn, the gallons of water used can add up quickly. Believe it or not, the average American family of four uses approximately 400 gallons of water in a single day. To make matters worse, it is estimated that that same family could survive off just three gallons of water per day.

We take water conservation very seriously here at Office H2O. This summer, as water usage inevitably rises for most people, we want to give you a way to fight back. While water usage may be at its peak during the summer season, there are several smart ways that you can conserve water. Use these seven tips for conserving water to cut down on your usage, doing more for the planet in the process!

1. Cut Down on the Length of Your Shower

One of the best ways to conserve water this summer is to shorten the amount of time that you spend in the shower. In fact, trimming even just two minutes off the time it takes you to shower can save up to 1,750 gallons of water per person in your household over the course of a single year. To take things even further in your quest to conserve water, we recommend turning off the water as you use soap or shave. Finally, consider installing water-efficient shower heads in your bathroom. This can seriously help you conserve the amount of water you’re using.

2. Use Your Dishwasher Rather Than Hand Washing

Believe it or not, hand washing your dishes uses much more water on average than simply running a load in the dishwasher. While hand washing your dishes uses an estimated 27 gallons of water, running a load of dishes in an Energy Star-rated dishwasher uses just three gallons. Because the dishwasher is also much more convenient to use, this is a win-win scenario!

3. Water Your Yard in Either the Morning or Evening

When you water your yard matters. When the sun is high, water tends to evaporate much more quickly. For this reason, you should prioritize watering your yard at times when the water is more likely to stay in the soil – morning or evening. Also, make sure you’re watering your yard rather than the driveway or sidewalk, as this is a common means of wasting water. We also recommend using a drip irrigation system rather than sprinklers because it will send targeted amounts of water to the areas where you want it.

4. Check for Leaks in Your Toilet Tank

A common cause of wasted water in many homes is a leak in the tank of the toilet. To check if your tank has a leak causing a giant waste of water, simply put a few drops of food coloring in the tank. If the color makes its way to the toilet bowl, your tank is leaking. Why does this matter? Well, a leaking toilet tank can waste up to 100 gallons of water in a single day! To fix a leaking tank, all you may need is a rubber flapper (which is inexpensive). Just make sure that you get the flapper that is suited for your toilet make and model.

5. Go to the Car Wash Rather Than Washing at Home

Washing a car at home can easily use 100 gallons of water in a single session. To make matters worse, you’re using a lot more time and energy to wash your car at home. Why not conserve water and save time and energy by taking a trip to the local car wash instead? Commercial car washes typically only use 40 gallons (sometimes less) of freshwater. This is a great way to conserve water in your home this summer!

6. Cover Your Pool

When pools are left uncovered, it gives the water in the pool a chance to evaporate. Then, when you realize your pool’s water level has fallen, you must waste water filling it back up again! There’s a way to avoid this unnecessary use of water, however, by keeping your pool covered when it’s not in use! Sure, it’ll take a little extra time to prepare the pool for swimming this summer, but the amount of water you’ll be saving is worth it!

7. Reuse Water Where You Can

Finally, another great way to conserve water this summer is to reuse water when possible. You can do so by collecting household wastewater from air conditioning condensers or dehumidifiers to be used in irrigation. You can either reuse the water immediately or save it in a bucket to be used later. That being said, avoid reusing water that contains bleach, dishwashing detergent, or fabric softener! Otherwise, this is a great way to conserve water.

Do More for the Environment with Office H2O!

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