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Bottleless Water and Ice Solutions for Businesses in New Berlin, Wisconson

Improve your office hydration standards with Office H2O’s advanced water coolers and commercial ice machines in New Berlin, Wisconsin and surrounding areas. Move beyond outdated bottled water systems and embrace a cleaner, more sustainable way to keep your team refreshed, energized, and hydrated throughout the day.

At Office H2O, we go beyond simply satisfying your basic water needs; we are committed to transforming workplace environments in New Berlin with our innovative, bottleless water coolers. These systems are equipped with cutting-edge purification technology that not only improves water quality but also supports New Berlin’s sustainability goals. By choosing our economical and eco-friendly solutions, you are not just making a purchase—you are investing in a greener future for your business and the community.

Our water coolers and ice machines are designed to be a central part of your office, providing easy access to purified, chilled water and ensuring that your staff stays hydrated without the environmental toll of plastic waste. Opt for Office H2O and take a step towards a more efficient and environmentally conscious workplace. This proactive change not only enhances employee wellness but also aligns with global environmental standards, reducing your carbon footprint while offering unmatched water quality.

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Your Go-To Source for Bottleless Water Coolers and Commercial Ice Machines in New Berlin.

Office H2O is proud to be the leading supplier of bottleless water coolers and commercial ice machines in your local New Berlin area. We specialize in providing bespoke hydration solutions that cater to the unique needs of each workplace. Our products are designed to offer not only comfort and convenience but also to uphold the highest standards of sustainability and operational efficiency.

We understand the challenges local businesses face and offer responsive, personalized service to ensure that your hydration needs are met with the utmost efficiency. Choose Office H2O for a reliable, continuous supply of filtered, chilled water and ice. Our commitment to quality and sustainability positions us as the preferred choice for businesses in New Berlin, Milwaukee and surrounding areas, looking to enhance their drinking water solutions while supporting global environmental goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you install bottleless water and ice cooler systems in New Berlin office?2024-05-07T14:43:02+00:00

We pride ourselves on our swift and efficient installation process. Once a contract is signed, we can typically have your new water system up and running in your New Berlin office within a few business days, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations.

What makes Office H2O’s water taste better than traditional bottled water in New Berlin?2024-05-07T14:43:10+00:00

Our advanced filtration systems, including reverse-osmosis, activated carbon filters and UV purification, remove impurities and improve the taste and quality of water. This provides a fresher, cleaner taste compared to traditional bottled water, which can absorb flavors from its plastic container.

Can Office H2O’s water systems withstand New Berlin’s seasonal temperature fluctuations?2024-05-07T14:43:02+00:00

Absolutely. Our bottleless water coolers and ice machines are built to perform optimally in all of New Berlin’s weather conditions, from the cold winters to the hot summers. They feature robust construction and climate-adaptive technologies that ensure year-round reliability and performance.

How does Office H2O contribute to water conservation in New Berlin?2024-05-07T14:43:03+00:00

Office H2O’s systems are engineered to be highly efficient, conserving water at every point of use. By eliminating the need for bottled water, our systems also reduce water waste associated with the production and transportation of bottled water, supporting New Berlin’s water conservation goals.


“The switch to Office H2O in our New Berlin office was a breeze. Their team was quick to install and very professional. Our staff has noticed a great improvement in the water taste and temperature options.”

Jamie L., Human Resources Manager

“Very satisfied with the service from Office H2O. The installation process in New Berlin was smooth and the technician was extremely knowledgeable. It’s been a few months and the system runs flawlessly.”

Michael T., Operations Director

“I appreciated the detailed explanation given by the Office H2O rep about how their systems work during our initial meeting in New Berlin. The free trial was a bonus that helped us make our decision.”

Sandra K., Office Administrator

“Office H2O provided excellent customer service and timely responses to our queries when we set up in New Berlin. Their commitment to environmental sustainability is commendable.”

Rick B., CEO

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Office H2O is the Midwest’s provider of state-of-the-art bottleless water coolers and commercial ice systems. We’re committed to bringing good, clean, healthy water to employees everywhere!

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