Guidelines to Follow When Traveling During a Pandemic

woman in airport with mask

In light of the current pandemic, so many aspects of our day-to-day lives have changed, including the way we travel. With COVID-19 cases falling in various parts of the world, some countries have begun the process of opening their borders to travelers. While precautions have been put in place, such as requiring proof of a negative COVID-19 test before travelers depart their home country or before arrival in another country, travel is proving impossible for most. This is because those that test positive upon arrival may be required to quarantine.

Despite such precautions, COVID-19 has not gone away. The pandemic is still raging, and many countries around the world have even seen a resurgence in the virus. That being said, the desire to travel hasn’t disappeared either. In fact, recent news regarding COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out has caused somewhat of a surge in travel bookings. If traveling during the pandemic, how can you maintain a degree of safety? Today, Office H2O will be discussing guidelines to follow when traveling during a pandemic so that you can stay as safe as possible.

Stay Updated on the Status of Your Government Travel Advisory

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), postponing travel and staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. Still, if you do decide to travel during the pandemic, there are things you can do to stay safer. One such thing you can do is make an effort to stay updated on the status of your government travel advisory and follow its advice.

It is important to keep in mind that even if your government travel advisory says it’s safe to travel, that advice could change at very short notice. This puts you and your safety at risk. If you cannot run the risk of extra costs or the loss of work associated with a potential order to quarantine, you should definitely consider keeping your travel to the domestic level rather than internationally.

Look for Travel Destinations Following COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Another way to stay safe when traveling during a pandemic is to look for travel destinations that are following COVID-19 safety guidelines. Tourism is a vital part of the economy for many countries, which can make them eager to accept visitors again. That being said, they don’t want to open the floodgates at the risk of creating a spike in local cases. In response, some countries have created certification programs that enforce certain standards such as hygiene of hotels, public-facing businesses, and attractions. On the other hand, domestically, many U.S. states – such as Michigan – have put together statewide safety protocols that businesses and attractions can pledge to follow in the effort of maintaining safety. As you travel during the pandemic, be sure to only consider travel destinations that are proving that they are following COVID-19 safety regulations. This is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe while traveling.

Seek Out Countries Where Case Numbers Are Low

If traveling internationally during a pandemic, you should be sure to seek out countries where case numbers are low. Some countries and regions have been relatively unscathed during the current pandemic, at least up to this point.

If you have the itch to travel internationally during the current pandemic, these locations are your best bet in terms of safety. If a destination has a few cases or hasn’t seen new cases in the course of several weeks, the risk of catching the virus while you are there is relatively low. That being said, no matter where you go, it’s best to follow social distancing regulations and stick to wide open spaces and avoid crowds.

Wear a Mask When Traveling During a Pandemic

It should be noted that preventing the spread of COVID-19 is a shared responsibility and we all play a role. For this reason, if a country welcomes you despite the pandemic, the most reasonable and decent thing you can do as a traveler is comply with its set requirements rather than presenting it with a risk for a new outbreak. One of the best ways to limit the spread of COVID-19 when traveling internationally is by wearing a mask.

Wear a mask on your flight, as well as wherever requested when you arrive at your travel destination. If there are few restrictions set in place upon arriving at your destination, we highly recommend that you wear a mask anyway. This is because studies have shown that masks help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and the more people wearing them the better. This is the best way to keep yourself, and others, safe while traveling during a pandemic.

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