Transforming Lives with Clean Water: charity: water Spotlight

Man in Mali washing his hands with clean water

Imagine waking up every day with the clear certitude of having to walk miles under the scorching sun to fetch water—a daily ritual that millions go through worldwide. Despite the image of the Earth as a planet mostly covered in water, the reality is that many communities face severe water scarcity, with unsafe resources leading to dire health consequences. Recognizing and tackling this global challenge, charity: water has emerged as a leading light in the non-profit sector and is dedicated to bringing clean water to people around the world, Today, we’re giving you an in-depth look at charity: water and why Office H2O is now a proud supporter. 

Charitable H2O: charity: water’s Commendable Quest for Clean Water

Office H2O supports charity: water through the Bottleless Nation Charitable Foundation (BNCF). Office H2O is on a quest not just to provide clean water across the Midwest but also help deliver this vital resource in a sustainable, cost-effective manner to water-scarce communities abroad. Through supporting charity: water, our company can further embody a commitment that goes beyond profit and prop up our pledge to make genuine, lasting changes in the world. Thanks to our donation through BNCF, we get a front-row seat in the construction of a water project that will change lives in two communities in Mozambique.

The Far-Reaching Arm of charity: water 

charity: water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. With a radically transparent model that sends 100% of public donations straight to the field, charity: water funds sustainable water projects in areas of greatest need and works with local partners to implement them. The organization proves every project, using innovative technology and powerful storytelling to connect donors with their impact. Since 2006, charity: water has funded over 137,000 water projects around the world to help more than 17.4 million people get access to clean water, hygiene, and improved sanitation.

Access Equals Empowerment

Water collection is a task often relegated to the most vulnerable in society, a burden disproportionately carried by women and children. Each day, groups of women and children across the continent travel dozens of miles a day just to collect water. By eradicating this chore and providing clean water within these communities, charity: water’s initiatives deliver a powerful message of empowerment. Communities see an immediate redistribution of time—time now available for education, the pursuit of economic activities, and, crucially, rest for physical well-being.

The establishment of clean water sources is not just about meeting a basic need but fundamentally improving health. Across developing countries, waterborne diseases are a significant cause of mortality and morbidity. With each water project, charity: water intervenes, uplifting the health of an entire district.

Innovative Water Solutions Tailored to Need and Sustainability

charity: water’s goal isn’t just to build water projects, but to keep clean water flowing for years to come. To do this, we invest in forming strong water committees, partnering with local governments, and training mechanics to perform repairs. Partners also help implement sanitation solutions and provide hygiene training to ensure communities are getting the full benefits of a water project. charity: water doesn’t consider their projects “complete” until there is local ownership with communities engaged and empowered to care for their own water projects. 

While these methods have proven successful, charity: water wanted a way to raise the bar of accountability even higher. Through a partnership with Google, they developed remote sensor technology to monitor the water flow and functionality of our water points in the field and report data in real-time. This enables them to quickly detect irregularities and dispatch mechanics to make repairs, minimizing the time a community is without clean water. The sensors also provide another level of transparency, letting donors see exactly how much water is being pumped every hour on a given day. 

Ethiopian girl holding clean glass of water

charity: water understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to providing access to clean water. The organization’s approach is deeply rooted in understanding the unique needs of each community, considering factors such as geography, climate, and local infrastructure. This sensitivity to context has led charity: water to diversify its water solutions portfolio, ensuring that each project not only addresses the immediate need for clean water but does so in a way that is sustainable for the long term.

In areas where underground water is accessible, charity: water invests in drilled wells equipped with hand pumps, creating a reliable and sanitary source of water that can serve hundreds of people daily. For some communities located near natural water bodies, the organization implements gravity-fed systems that transport water from a protected spring to public taps closer to homes, significantly reducing the distance and time spent on water collection.

Another innovative solution is the rainwater harvest system, which captures and stores rainwater in sanitary tanks for use during dry periods, particularly valuable in regions with seasonal rainfall. Additionally, charity: water utilizes Biosand Filters in some areas to help filter out contaminants from water sources. 

Behind the Curtain of Transparency 

What sets charity: water apart—from inception to operation—is its unprecedented level of transparency. This non-profit has built a robust system of oversight, ensuring that donors receive detailed reporting on the projects they support. In an era of charity skepticism, charity: water stands firm, setting new benchmarks for accountability.

The Data Donors Deserve

Donors deserve the satisfaction of knowing their contributions are making a real difference. charity: water’s GPS-tagged projects give Water Project Sponsors the opportunity to see the site location chosen for their funded water project. Additionally, throughout the process, charity: water provides donors with photographs, stories, and detailed implementation progress, underscoring the organization’s commitment to transparency.

Sharing the Impact, Shaping the Culture

This commitment to openness builds a culture of accountability. It fosters a two-way relationship where donors are kept informed and engaged, and complete visibility breeds trust and a shared sense of accomplishment. Similar to our own transparency and operational model, charity: water understands the impact it can have when you get to see where your donation dollars are spent. 

We’re Proud to Be a Part of the Ripple Effect 

In the vast ocean of brilliant causes, charity: water’s focus on clean water may seem singular. While it might seem like such a simple concept, we share in charity: water’s belief that water is a basic human need and should be accessible to everyone. Step by step, project by project, drop by drop, charity: water exemplifies change through action, and Office H2O is proud to be a supporter in 2024.