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Clean and Refreshing Ice for your Business

We are Office H2O, your local ice machine business delivering reliable office ice solutions for companies of all sizes. Our commercial ice machines are built to meet the demands of warehouses, hotels, manufacturers, and large offices, ensuring an endless supply of clean and refreshing ice to elevate your operations.

We understand the importance of providing hygienic ice to your employees and customers. That’s why our commercial ice machines are equipped with advanced filtration technology, guaranteeing that every cube of ice from our industrial ice makers is free from impurities and contaminants.

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Key Benefits:

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  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Our skilled professionals will handle the installation and maintenance of your ice machine. We clean and sanitize the equipment for you 2x a year, ensuring your business benefits from optimal sanitation.
  • Ice Machine Rental Benefits: Enjoy ice machine leasing perks a fixed, predictable monthly investment with our rental options, avoiding large upfront costs and staying updated with the latest equipment.
  • Hygienic Ice Production: Ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers with our ice machines, which produce clean and crystal-clear ice cubes.
  • Continuous Ice Supply: Skip the bagged ice delivery service and never worry about running out of ice again. Whether you want a small ice maker or an industrial ice machine, we are able offer a wide range of ice dispenser solutions, like our Hotel Style and countertop ice maker, to meet the needs of you company – whether it be a small office or a Fortune 500 client in need of thousands of pounds of ice per day.
  • Eco-Friendly: With Office H2O, you’re choosing a sustainable ice option that reduces plastic waste and water usage, aligning with your company’s green initiatives.
  • Nugget Ice: It’s true. We have machines capable of producing soft, chewable Sonic or Chick Fil-A style nugget or pellet ice cubes we know your staff and customers will love! Or go for the bigger rock with one of our large square ice cube machine options.

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our ice systems

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Hotel Cuber

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Hotel Cuber

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A Series 280C-UC

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Commercial Water & Ice


Healthy Ice for a Healthier Planet!

Join us on this incredible journey of helping Mother Earth. Together, we’ll make a splash and leave a positive impact on our world by reducing carbon emissions, plastic waste, and harmful toxins. Plus, we’ll keep the office hydrated, happy, and healthy along the way. If you’re prepared to embrace this transformation and bring ice to your employees and customers, then Office H2O is eager to connect with you. Both our planet and your wallet will be grateful.

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Our ice makers help your company slash its carbon footprint by eliminating delivery stops, reducing plastic, and conserving water.

Save Money

Get unlimited, on-demand, purified water and ice for your office starting with your existing tap water supply.

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Safe and Clean
Water and Ice

Ensure clean and healthy ice for your employees and customers with our commercial reverse osmosis system.

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Variety of Machine Options

Personalize your ice with one of our many dispensers. Find the perfect ice machine match for your company’s needs.

Ready to experience the difference with Office H2O’s commercial ice machines?

Don’t ice us out! Contact us today and discover how our ice solutions can transform your business operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the system need to be serviced?2024-03-05T17:39:44+00:00

A cooler will need serviced more the more it is used, but our main priority is to provide the best service for all our clients. Most coolers only need preventative maintenance once a year. Outside of those times, if a service light ever comes on, please call the number on the side of your machine and we’ll work with you to schedule a time for one of our technicians to come fix the problem.

How close to a water source does our unit need to be?2024-03-05T17:39:45+00:00

Thanks to our thousands of feet of tubing, we can run a line to almost anywhere. If you are convinced the job is not possible for us to accomplish, we can provide customer testimonials from our hardest installations. 

How long does it take to install a cooler?2024-03-05T17:39:45+00:00

The time it takes to install a cooler is dependent on a couple factors, such as the location of the water source and a drain. For our larger accounts, we would perform a walkthrough with the account executive and one of our managing technicians to make sure we have a solid plan before the coolers are even brought on site.

How does your free trial program work?2024-03-05T17:39:45+00:00

Your office gets free water/ice for one week! Give us a chance, gather feedback, and make sure our cooler is a great fit for you and your team. If it is, your area account executive will visit again with the necessary paperwork needed to keep the cooler.

Try it out and see what an Office H2O cooler could do for you: Start a free trial

Is your service affordable and cost-effective? 2024-03-05T17:39:45+00:00

We currently have 12,000 customers and most of them experienced a cost savings. Cost savings can be found in several ways through a reduced monthly price, increased efficiency, or a predictable monthly budget even when the company experiences growth. Unlike most options, Office H2O does not increase the price of our service from year to year to adjust to inflation. Office H2O offers Price Protection for all existing customers.

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