B4 Tri-Temp

B4 Sparkling Bottleless Water Cooler

B4 Tri-Temp

Hygienic and ergonomic, the B4 Tri-Temp flourishes in all environments – from the boardroom to the doctor’s office. Its compact size, large dispense area for bottles, multiple water options, and flexible configuration makes it one of the most popular models. Get hot, cold, and ambient water with the B4 Tri-Temp.

  • Large 10.75″ dispensing area for filling bottles and jugs
  • Hot, cold, and ambient water with the push of a button
  • Sealed, hygienic direct-chill cooling system chills water instantly
  • Ultra-hygienic touch-sensitive control panel with buttons that won’t harbor germs and contaminants
  • Includes an internal alarmed waste kit to prevent tank overflowing

The proprietary filter formulations provide exceptional water cleanliness. Our state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis or UF filter combination enhances the water by providing minerals and using an advanced sanitization process. The result is water with increased alkalinity and nutrients that is cleaner, healthier, and great-tasting.

B4 Tri-Temp Dimensions

  • Height: 52.25 inches
  • Width: 13 inches
  • Depth: 18.5 inches
  • Cold Water Capacity: 9.2 Gallons per Hour
  • Hot Water Capacity: 1.6 Gallons per Hour

The better alternative to healthier water!

Bottleless coolers eliminate plastic bottles, along with all of their problems by using the latest water filtration and purification technologies. By going Bottleless, we can reduce the amount of carbon emissions entering our atmosphere…and while making our planet greener; you’ll save some other valuable green as well. Watch the video to learn more about our purification process and why bottleless water systems is the way to go!

Why choose a bottleless cooler?

pH Balanced



Cost Effective

9-Stage Filtration

Avoid Injury

Cold or Hot

Reverse Osmosis

System Specs

Height: 52.25″ / Width: 13″ / Depth: 18.5″
Cold Water Capacity: 5.5 Gallons per hour
Hot Water Capacity: 1.5 Gallons

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