We’re Known for Clean Office Water.

Office H2O is the Midwest’s provider of state-of-the-art bottleless water coolers, and commercial ice systems.
We’re known for bringing hands-free, clean drinking water to employees everywhere!

Water Coolers

WS 11000

WS 7000

B4 Tri-Temp

B4 Sparkling Bottleless Water Cooler

W9CT bottleless water cooler on countertop

Got a smaller space? Go for a countertop option!

These countertop coolers are great for any office, especially ones with tight spaces!

Should you go with a countertop option?

• Space Saver! Great for small offices.

• Enjoy the same Refreshing water as the stand-alone systems!

• Compact version that can easily be moved around!

Water and Ice Coolers

WS 15000

Wellsys 15000 bottleless water cooler with stand

WS Infinity

Meridian 312/525/540

Commercial Ice Machines

Scotsman Prodigy
Plus Hotel 330

Scotsman Prodigy
Plus Hotel 530


Scotsman 330 Cuber
Storage Bin

Scotsman 530 Cuber
Storage Bin

COVID-19 Pandemic

Watch this short video to see what we are doing to help companies provide a safer and healthier office.

Wellsys 12000 Water and Ice Cooler

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