Scotsman Prodigy Plus Hotel 330

Scotsman Prodigy Plus Hotel 330

The Scotsman Hotel Prodigy Plus 330 ice machine joins a long line-up of Scotsman ice makers designed with your business in mind. This self-monitoring machine continuously communicates with the machine’s operating system, giving you complete confidence in its ice-making capabilities. The 330 is capable of producing up to 400 pounds of that delicate, crunchy ice guests crave.

Additional Features:

  • AutoAlert Indicator Lights
  • Improved QR code for placement & access
  • Self-aligning front panel
  • One-touch cleaning operation
  • Built-in antimicrobial protection

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Bottleless coolers eliminate plastic bottles, along with all of their problems by using the latest water filtration and purification technologies. By going Bottleless, we can reduce the amount of carbon emissions entering our atmosphere…and while making our planet greener; you’ll save some other valuable green as well. Watch the video to learn more about our purification process and why bottleless water systems is the way to go!

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