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EXPLORE AIR PURIFIERS Guard your air and reclaim your space
from germs that pass between people
and linger on surfaces with our
virus-eliminating air purifiers.
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LEARN MORE The touch-free bottleless water cooler option
makes it easy for everyone to enjoy fresh,
clean water without pressing any buttons.
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We’re Known for Clean Office Water.
Now We’re Bringing Surface & Air Purification, Too!

Office H2O is the Midwest’s provider of state-of-the-art bottleless water coolers, commercial ice systems, and air purification systems. We’re known for bringing hands-free, clean drinking water to employees everywhere and now we’re bringing your office clean surfaces and air, too!

Water Coolers

WS 11000

WS 7000

B4 Tri-Temp

B4 Sparkling Bottleless Water Cooler

We now carry countertop options!

These countertop coolers are great for any office, especially ones with tight spaces!

Should you go with a countertop option?

• Space Saver! Great for small offices.

• Enjoy the same Refreshing water as the stand-alone systems!

• Compact version that can easily be moved around!

Water and Ice Coolers

WS Infinity

Meridian 312

Meridian 525

Meridian 540

Commercial Ice Machines

Hotel 330

Scotsman Scoop Bin Ice Machine

Hotel 530

Scotsman Scoop Bin Ice Machine

Scotsman Scoop Bin
UC 2024

Scotsman Scoop Bin
330 Cuber

Scotsman Scoop Bin
530 Cuber

Surface & Air Purification

Pure & Clean

Beyond Air

Beyond Air Purifying System

Hydroxyl Blaster

COVID-19 Pandemic

Watch this short video to see what we are doing to help companies provide a safer and healthier office.

Wellsys 12000 Water and Ice Cooler

Find the Perfect Pure Water & Ice System For Your Office Today!

Try an Office H2O bottleless water cooler or surface & air purification system free for 7 days.