How to Keep Your Bottleless Water and Ice Cooler Clean

At Office H2O, we understand the vital role that hydration plays in maintaining a healthy, productive workspace. But beyond ensuring access to clean, refreshing water, the cleanliness of your bottleless water and ice cooler is a matter of paramount importance. It’s not just about functionality; a pristine water cooler is integral to sustaining overall office cleanliness and hygiene, preventing the spread of germs among staff, and maintaining the company’s reputation across Milwaukee, WI. Staying vigilant in the upkeep of your water cooler can significantly contribute to a healthier office environment, reinforcing the well-being of everyone on your team.

The Unspoken Benefits of Impeccable Machine Care

It’s more than just a sparkling appearance— the regular maintenance of your bottleless water and ice cooler has a domino effect on various aspects of your operation. From a financial perspective, an immaculate machine is a durable machine with less chance of malfunctions and a significantly longer lifespan. Furthermore, the costs associated with equipment damage or repair far outweigh those of regular, simple maintenance.

Proactive Measures for Optimal Cleanliness

While regular maintenance and filter changes are done by Office H2O, there are things you can do on a daily basis to ensure your water cooler unit stays clean.

Keeping the Drains for Water Only

It’s a common office faux pas—using the cooler’s drain for non-water substances. This simple mistake could lead to a clogged or damaged filter system, which can be an expensive fix. Explain to your team the importance of the water-only policy when it comes to cooler usage. Avoid using the water cooler’s drain for things like coffee, milk, juices, and sugary water mixtures.

Spill Monitor and Reaction Plan

Spills are inevitable in a shared office space. Understanding the quick action steps—like using an absorbent cloth to wipe up the mess around the water cooler immediately—can mitigate any potential damage or slipping hazards. Equipping your office with spill kits in close proximity to coolers can prepare staff for these situations and protect against hazards.

man cleaning up a spill

The Importance of Timely Issue Reporting

Encouraging a culture of maintenance awareness is key to cleaner coolers. Educate your team on the significance of promptly reporting any leaks or unusual behavior in the cooler to our technicians. This can save you from the escalation of smaller, manageable issues into larger ones. Plus, the more timely the report, the sooner we can address the issue so your office doesn’t run dry.

Surface Sanitation as a Ritual

While all of our coolers are coated in an anti-microbial coating, daily sanitary practices around the water cooler should become as routine as a morning coffee run. This means wiping down surfaces with a damp, soft cloth or specified disinfectant wipes. Regular cleaning keeps your water cooler looking like new, which is attractive to both customers and employees. 

Cooler Placement and Handling

Strategic cooler placement can prevent not only operational hindrances but also physical damage to the machine. This is why we make it a point to ensure plenty of space around your water cooler during installation. We’d prefer to put the cooler in low-traffic areas to reduce the likelihood of accidental bumps and jolts. Additionally, employees should be conscious of the pressure applied when using buttons or handling bulky water bottles, minimizing the risk of dents or misalignments.

Use the Cooler as Intended

To guarantee the quality of the water, it’s crucial that the cooler is used solely for dispensing water and ice. It’s not a dishwasher or a container rinse station. Reinforce this fact with your team and protect the integrity of your office’s hydration center.

Ready to make the switch from a bottled cooler? Try us free for 7 days before you decide on a unit. Or talk to your H2O rep about upgrading your system to keep up with thirsty summer demands.

The Role of Professional Maintenance in Longevity

In the same way a car requires regular service, your water and ice coolers benefit from professional maintenance. Office H2O technicians offer comprehensive maintenance that includes filter changes and system checks. These scheduled sessions are the backbone of your cooler’s health, ensuring it operates optimally and efficiently for years to come.

A Lasting Cleanliness Initiative

The upkeep of your bottleless water cooler is one of our top priorities for your business here in Milwaukee, WI. After all, it’s our unit and our reputation on the line. That’s why it’s incredibly important you follow our guidelines while our water or ice cooler lives in your office. Adhering to these basic cleanliness guidelines ensures your office gets the most out of your water cooler in both efficiency and cleanliness.

Ready to make the switch from a bottled cooler? Try us free for 7 days before you decide on a unit. Or talk to your H2O rep about upgrading your system to keep up with thirsty summer demands.